How long does it take to get our photos delivered in an online, digital gallery?

Please check out my Packages page under the Info tab above to see my current turnaround times as they differ per package and their specifications.

Is there a deposit payment to book a session?

Yes. I officially book your session and reserve the date you desire with a signed photography service agreement and a non-refundable session retainer. The session retainer is non-refundable for any session cancellations for any reason. In case of an unexpected situation, clients have the option of using their session retainer as a credit to be applied to book a future, full size A La Carte family session.

How do I book a session?

Please send me an email to my business email address to inquire and book your session. My contact information can be found under my Contact tab above. I am a full-time engineer and I use the same Outlook calendar for my photography clients as well as my planner notebook. Once I receive my photography service agreement filled out and signed and the session retainer sent to my Venmo or Zelle account, I officially book your session on my calendars. Please include the date, the package name and the type of your session in the memo section on Venmo or Zelle while sending your session retainer to me.

Can I purchase the Petite Package for any kind of session?

I have two different kinds of Petite (mini sessions). Please see their details under my Info > Packages tab above. Petite sessions are only for families with 4 immediate family members.

What should I wear to the session?

In order to get the best outcome from my style of editing, I would highly recommend choosing neutral, earthy colors to wear such as beige, white, cream, camel, brown, taupe, mustard, olive green, basically the washed-out tones of brown and green. What you wear plays a key role in the look of your photos that you and your family will love and cherish. Arranging and purchasing multiple outfits can be stressful and costly which is why I offer Mother, Toddler, and Newborn Client Closets, filled with outfits in earthy and neutral color tones that compliment my editing and home studio styles while representing my art in photography well.

What days of the week do you shoot?

I shoot my Outdoor Family | Maternity sessions Monday through Saturday regardless of what package is booked. Petite Earthside Sessions are shot Monday through Friday in my home studio. starting before/around noon. Together on the Earthside Sessions are shot Monday through Saturday, starting before/around noon in my home studio.

Do you reschedule a session?

Yes. I reschedule my sessions in case of sickness, emergency, or any personal reason on the client's side one time free of charge. If the client wants to reschedule the session for the second time, my second-time rescheduling fee is $50 for all the sessions. My session retainer is non- refundable for session cancellations for any emergency and/or non-emergency reason but can be used as a credit to book a future, full size A La Carte family session. The sessions can be rescheduled multiple times due to unexpected weather conditions such as rain, drizzle, and heavy overcast free of charge. We will make sure to pick a date that will fit into everyone's schedule. If you have a tight deadline to receive your photos such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days and holidays, I would highly recommend you plan it and book your date ahead of time as my session retainer is non-refundable for session cancellations.

Can my dog be in our session?

Fur babies are always welcome to my outdoor sessions.

When do the outdoor sessions start?

Lighting and the weather both play a significant role in how your photos turn out. The best time for outdoor shoots usually starts 1 hour before the sunset time (golden hour) on your session day depending on the session type and the package you purchased since they differ in session duration time. In the Spring and Summer months, as the sun sets later, I understand that it can be challenging to have a session after 7 PM with the little ones so please discuss this with me if it is a concern for you while booking your session. My indoor studio sessions usually start before/around noon depending on the season.

Who picks the location? Do you travel?

I pick the location for all my Petite and Deluxe sessions. If my A La Carte Package or my Earthside Motherhood Bundle is purchased, I can travel to any location you desire up to 15 miles one way from Mooresville, NC free of travel charge for your family/maternity session. I have all my Earthside Newborn sessions in my home studio in Mooresville, NC. If you would like me to travel to your home for a lifestyle newborn/family session, upon purchasing the Together on the Earthside package, I charge an extra $0.65/per mile for a round trip travel if your home is more than 15 miles from Mooresville, NC.

Can I receive the raw, unedited images?

The raw, unedited images are not my finished product so I do not share unedited photos as it can be damaging to my business. This clause is clearly stated in my session agreement (contract).

Who picks the photos that will be in my gallery? Can I purchase additional photos?

My Clients who book any type of session with me receive their "view only" raw gallery's link from me within 72 hours after our session and they pick their own favorite images and send me their final email including the names/titles of their desired images to be edited. If the Client would like to purchase more images than what their purchased package includes, each extra image ranges from $25 to $30/per image depending on the package purchased and I start editing your gallery after I receive the payment for the extra images (only if you'd like extras) and the final email listing all the titles/numbers/names of all your images. I would highly recommend you choose the best package fitting your preferences, budget, family structure, and season of life considering the turnaround time of the package, the number of images you'll receive, the size of your family, the ages of your kids, and your location.

How do you pick a date for a newborn session?

When I prepare our photography session agreement, I put the Client's due date and TBD for our session date. It is stated in my session agreement that the Client must let me know about the arrival of the baby within 3 days after delivery so that we can determine and confirm the final date of the session after the baby's arrival to make sure that the baby is ideally still 5-15 days old or at least under 15 days old on the finalized and confirmed session date. The finalized session date may fall on a weekday so the Client and her family members have to have a flexible schedule as my newborn sessions are not guaranteed to be on a Saturday or Sunday because many babies arrive earlier or later than their due dates.

Petite Earthside Sessions are more flexible in terms of arranging a finalized session date as the babies must be held by a family member during the entire session so for the Petite Earthside Sessions, the babies do not have to be under 15 days old. You are welcome to book a Petite Earthside Studio Session with your child(ren) in ages 5 days up to 24 months.

When is the best time to book maternity and newborn sessions?

I would HIGHLY recommend you hire your dream photographer as soon as you know you would love to work with them. Unlike most people think, many photographers (including me) schedule a limited number of clients per week/month to allow flexibility for our existing/booked clients in case they need to reschedule their sessions and avoid overbooking ourselves. I would recommend you have your maternity session on a day from 28 through 32 (this is the best time frame for maternity sessions but up to 35 weeks is acceptable if you do not have a high risk pregnancy) weeks into your pregnancy. The newborn sessions should be held within 14 days after birth.

Where is your home studio located?

Mooresville, North Carolina.

Can the mom and/or dad be in a Petite Earthside session?

Yes, absolutely. My Petite Earthside and Petite Family packages are for up to 4 immediate family members, including the newborn.

What is the difference between a Petite Newborn Package and a Together on The Earthside Package?

The Petite Earthside Package is a 60 minute, mini, lifestyle family session for up to families with 4 immediate members, taking place in my home studio, including 10 fully-edited images of the Client's choice. In this session, the newborn is held by the parents during the entire session without being in or on the newborn posing props such as newborn posing bean bag, decorative cushions, pillows, wraps, macrame newborn swing, posing baskets, rattan newborn posing crib and bowls. Although I still capture the newborns by themselves, they have to be held by their family member(s) during the entire session. The Petite Earthside package does not include access to my Client Closets but the Clients who purchase my Petite Earthside Package are welcome to pick an outfit from my Newborn Closet and one dry floral headband (for baby girls) and I will be providing several heirloom blankets while the parents are holding the newborn throughout the session.

Together on the Earthside Package is an up to 3 hour Newborn + Family session including 40 fully-edited images of the Client's choice. The first 1-1.5hrs of the session is a solo newborn shooting time in and on the newborn posing props mentioned abone so during these solo shots, the newborn is not held by any family member but positioned by me in and on the newborn photography props. During the rest of the session, the newborn is captured with their family members in wide variety of poses in a lifestyle concept. Client Closet for ladies, toddlers up to age 5 and newborns are all included in this package.

What if my kids are not cooperating or shy and won’t let us last a 45-60 minute session?

I am a mom of two little boys so I completely understand your concern. However, my sessions are fun, active, and stress-free. I promise you that your favorite photos will be the candid ones that are taken when they are running around, jumping up and down, and making funny faces. When they really need a break, I ask them if they would like to become my assistant and shoot a photo of their mom and/or dad and I have never received a "no" as an answer to that so far. Later, I edit and include that photo in their gallery to be kept as a memento.

What gear do you use?

Canon R5
Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM
Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM

What is a Client Closet?

Client Closet is a complimentary wardrobe filled with maternity and non-maternity dresses for ladies and all neutral clothes for toddler boys and girls. My Client Closet includes outfits for Newborns and Children up to age 5 (size 5T) that compliment my warm, candid and earthy photography and editing style as well as the color scheme and style of my in-home photography studio. Also, please ask me if you'd like to know my suggested places to shop for your gentlemen. Styling assistance and consultation is an included service for all my packages and a part of what I would love to do for you and your family to ensure that your photos have a neutral and earthy color scheme that you will love and cherish for a lifetime.

Do you have discounts?

Yes. My repeat clients get 10% off when they come back and book a full size A La Carte Session with me.

How many sessions per golden hour do you shoot?

I shoot two Petite/Deluxe sessions per golden hour as they are each 30 minute session so if you book a Petite or Deluxe session with me, there might be another client coming before or after your session for the other half of the golden hour. If you book an A La Carte session, the entire golden hour is dedicated to you only as it is a 60 minute session.